Hi Parents & Children,

My whole life I wanted to play sports and be an athlete. Not reaching my growth spurt until I was 21 years of age, it was too late to puruse a career in sports. However, that did not stop me from becoming involved in sports. Given my love and passion for sports I began coaching children in various sports from Kindergarten through High School. My whole life revolved around playing sports, watching sports on TV, going to college and professional sporting events, and coaching children of all ages in sports. Simply put, sports was my life!

Coming to the realization that I was not going to have a career in sports I decided to go to college. At first I thought I wanted to be a Physical Education teacher and coach sports. However, I became fascinated with psychology and child development. Eight years later I graduated with my doctorate degree.

When I first thought about writing children’s sports books my goal was to create books that were different than the typical sports book for children. I did not want to incorporate sports and science fiction such as transforming kids back in time via a time machine made out of a football field or write stories where child billionaires owned sports teams. Although interesting to children such stories are not realistic.

Observing these dilemmas children encountered related to sports, the idea came to me of combining my educational background and love for sports in an effort to write children’s sports books. Although I had gained many experiences as a coach years before my children were born, it wasn’t until I had children and they became the age to play sports that I began to notice more closely how young athletes encountered a variety of real life dilemmas such as parental divorce, difficulties in school, problems with parents, sibling rivalry, bullies, peer pressure, parents who scream and yell at their children during games, parents who push them into sport after sport, sports injuries, and much more.

In an effort to “keep it real” as the saying goes, I set out to create a line of sports books for young readers that was exciting, yet taught them valuable life lessons, without being boring. Another goal was to write these children’s sports books so that parents would enjoy reading and discussing with their children. The idea was to create books that provided parents a child’s perspective on sports. Not just any sports books, but books about sports that children could relate to in everyday life. I wanted to write books about sports which taught both children and parents valuable lessons. My idea was to create books that could be great teaching moments that parents shared with their children, yet children found entertaining to read. My thought was to write books that highlighted positive outcomes of the real life dilemmas encountered by children as related to sports. Hence, Sports Doc Books™.

Gregory Hickman, Ph.D.
The Sports Doc