AJ Shot was among the best Mite hockey players in the State of Minnesota–until he quit playing hockey. Although AJ liked hockey more than anything in the world, he was forced to hang up his skates at the early age of 7 because his dad was always yelling at AJ and his teammates during and after games, forcing the coaches to dismiss AJ from the Minnesota Ice Bears hockey team. Despite trying out for other hockey teams close to home, AJ could not find a spot on another team. None of the other coaches or parents wanted AJ on their teams because they did not want to put up with his dad’s antics. One year after AJ’s mom and dad got a divorce, however, AJ eventually started playing house hockey at an ice-rink far enough away from his home town that no one had heard about his dad. Find out why AJ Shot began to play hockey again and how he eventually became a shot above the rest.

What does this story teach?


Teaches children what children experience when parents decide to divorce. This story allows children to see how divorce impacts family interactions and how divorce impacts children at school, with peers, and in sports. More importantly, this story demonstrates that not all negative experiences in life, such as parental divorce, ends in negative outcomes.


Teaches parents the impact of parental divorce through the perception of children. This story highlights how children think and feel in terms of how parental divorce impacts relationships with family members, friends at school, and teammates, and how parental divorce creates depression, tension, and lack of interest in sports for children.

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