Jack Hampton, Jr., or “Little Jack” as his mother called him, was your typical big, stocky Midwestern 9-year-old boy from Strongsville, Ohio. However, when it came to sports, Little Jack was anything but typical. Where most boys played a sport or two, Little Jack played a lot of sports. Not because Little Jack wanted to play a lot of sports, but because his dad, Jack Hampton, Sr., insisted that Little Jack play all sports. When Little Jack was not playing hockey, football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, golf, or even bowling, his dad, “Big Jack,” insisted that Little Jack watch films of his opponents in order to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Although Little Jack enjoyed sports, he developed a passion for designing sports stadiums and arenas. Join “Little Jack” Hampton on his sports-filled journey and see why he became “A Jack of All Trades.”

What does this story teach?


Teaches children the importance that childhood experiences in sports can shape and mold career interests. This story also teaches children the importance of following ones passion.


Teaches parents the importance of accepting children for who they are, their interests, and their passions. This story also teaches parents that they cannot push children into sports and take childhood sports to an extreme an unhealthy manner.

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