Scott Fiddle was the second son born to Jim and Paulene Fiddle. More importantly, and in Scott’s mind, the smaller and less athletic brother of Derek Fiddle. Although Scott was only three years younger than Derek it seemed that Derek and his friends always beat him in every sport they played. To make things worse, Scott always finished second in everything he did whether it was sports, music, or school. With his older brother Derek pushing him and a strong desire to gain the attention of his family and friends Scott decided he was no longer going to let his brother and his friends beat him. Come along on this journey with Scott Fiddle and see how he became second fiddle to none.

What does this story teach?


Teaches children that being younger and smaller siblings does not mean they are inferior athletes to their older siblings. This story teaches older siblings to treat their younger siblings with respect and understand that their athletic dominance over younger siblings is a product of age and developmental differences and not actual athletic ability and potential.


Teaches parents the importance of treating both younger and older siblings in a similar fashion when it comes to involvement in sports. This story also provides parents teaching moments to instill that sibling bond is very important.